Saturday, December 20, 2014

2015 Porsche Cayenne Launch Event

The weather has already turned colder but it’s warm inside the new Porsche of Huntsville dealership showroom and the cars are not the only attraction!  The new showroom is elegant and sophisticated just like the new Porsche's in the new 5043 sq. ft. area that houses both the newest vehicles and the sales staff. 
The night began with a ribbon cutting and special award presentation from the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce to the dealership and members from the staff at Century Porsche.  
General Manager of Century Automotive Group George Jones graciously welcomed guest as they arrived for the special events of the evening.  Tracy Jones (President-Century Automotive Group) accepted the special award from the Huntsville Chamber on behalf of the dealership and paid homage to John Shields II (her father) and founder of the dealership. 
Also on hand throughout the evening was a couple of Porsche VIP’s, Domenic Calkins (Porsche Regional Manager) and Jason Locke (Porsche After-Sales Regional Manager). Both were eager to mingle with local Porsche enthusiasts and talk about the excitement of a new vehicle launch.
As the festivities began, it was a very special occasion that brought out the crowd and they would not be disappointed in the newest high performance SUV from Porsche. The all-wheel drive 2015 Cayenne was under cover to be revealed as the evening progressed.  Upon entering the new showroom you were greeted by LED lights glowing from under the crisp white car cover draped over the Cayenne (no peeking).  The guests began to explore the freshly finished showroom and take in all the new surroundings as they visited with the sales and service team members. 
The front desk was ready to serve you a drink of your choice and food was pleasantly arranged on the bistro tables throughout the room. There where as many questions about the new digs in the showroom as there were about the new Sport Utility to be unveiled. The music was a nice touch as you strolled around talking with other Porsche enthusiasts about the brand that stirs up pure excitement from every vehicle they build.

Speaking of pure excitement, let’s talk about the special guest of the night, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche website calls this new SUV “Muscular, athletic, powerful, and challenging”….how will you describe it? 
As the countdown reached zero and the cover was pulled, the beautiful white Cayenne was ready to show off her features to all who would gather around. The guests were encouraged to sit in the newest offering from Porsche and check out all of the amenities. The sleek and sexy changes on this 2015 model were very subtle but gladly welcomed. 
One very exciting change was the steering wheel that bore a striking resemblance to the 918 Spyder Hybrid Supercar!

For those of you who may be interested in the specifics, I’ll hit the high points of the Cayenne S:

  • Engine – V6 Turbo (3.6 liter)
  • Horsepower – 420 HP
  • Torque – 406 lb. ft.
  • Transmission – 8-speed Tiptronic S
  • Top Speed – 161 mph
  • Zero to 60 mph – 5.2 sec.
  • Price – MSRP starting at $74,100

The 2015 Cayenne can be purchased in many iterations such as the Cayenne S, Diesel, Turbo, the all-new SE Hybrid, GTS, and Turbo S. Much of the excitement is from the news that the Cayenne S will come equipped with a 420 horsepower turbocharged 3.6 liter V6 engine, gaining horsepower and fuel mileage over the V8 from last year’s model.
As the special event came to a close I heard nothing but great comments about the Porsche Cayenne that was unveiled.  Now all you have to do is ask yourself what color of the new Cayenne you will decide to purchase. Schedule your test drive today and the sales staff at Porsche of Huntsville will be happy to answer all your questions and show off all the features of their newest SUV.