Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Motocross Dreams become Reality!

Most 17 year old kids are preparing for the high school prom or making plans for ski trips at the river this summer. However, Noah Wright, a 17 year old junior at Athens Renaissance School, in Athens AL. has racing on his mind. Noah has only been racing Motocross for a little over a year and a half. Although he grew up with dirt bikes and four wheelers he had only competed in four races on a 65cc when he was about 9 years old. For years Noah begged his parents (Chad and Amy Wright) to let him do more races, but the time to take it up a notch just wasn't right. Then he began to strategize and came up with a plan go to the Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals. Basically he was saying he wanted a shot at the Pro Circuit. I’m sure after many discussions and even some prayer, his parents thought it was time, so on his 16 birthday Noah got a used Kawasaki 250 dirt bike. His dad told him that they would run a local series in Arena Cross and if he did well and could win the series he would buy Noah a new bike. Well he did……did I mention Noah was determined? Several bikes later, lots of faith, dedication, training, commitment and yes…….more RACING, Noah is well on the way to Loretta Lynn's!
(Noah being interview by me on ZTV-11 Jamie Cooper Show)
Over this past year Noah and his family have spent every weekend racing. Noah has been on tracks in AL, TN, NC, VA, FL, OH, IN, GA, MO, MS and IL. He has qualified in the Southeast, Mid Central and Northeast Regions and will attend one more area qualifier in a couple of weeks. He will attend his first Regional Race at Muddy Creek in Tennessee in May. Chad and Amy as well as his entire family and friends are so proud of Noah and his accomplishments. In this sport it's a family effort, it takes a lot of commitment from everyone and Noah's long term goal is to compete in the Pro Circuit and be successful.
(Noah in the pink racing pants....going for the lead)
Noah’s dedication and commitment should be an inspiration to others that have big dreams and goals, but find them unobtainable. Noah has had many road blocks along his journey, some of those being injuries, but one of the hardest is those who are negative, non-supportive or just bullies. Regardless of the opposition or negativity, Noah has tunnel vision….he has stayed focused and keeps a strong faith. The Wright family strongly believes that if God plants the desire He (God) will provide the path…..and give you the tools to accomplish your dream! Noah’s mom (Amy) says “When you arrive at your goal…..always give Him the glory!”
(It can be a dirty job.......but Noah has always like the mud!)
You can keep up with Noah and his journey by following him on Facebook and on Instagram @ noah_wright007

Click on link below to watch a recent interview with Noah on ZTV-11 (Jamie Cooper Show): 

Noah Wright Interview on ZTV-11 Jamie Cooper Show