Monday, March 3, 2014

It’s almost time for car show season!

Warmer weather will be here before you know it and you will see local car shows and cruise-in’s everywhere.  Are you plugged into your local car show scene??  If not you might be asking what’s the big deal with car shows and why would I want to go to one?  Local car shows are always a great family friendly way to get outside and see some remarkable classic cars and trucks as well as the late model muscle cars of today. 

Going to car shows is one of the most fun memories I have spending time with my dad.  We would walk around and I would listen intently as he reminisced about the cars and hearing stories of which ones he had owned.  I would not trade those day with my dad for any amount!

These shows usually offer some great music and good food to enjoy as you stroll back in time and relive what my dad calls “the good-ol-days”.  Many times the local cars shows are raising money for a local charity or organization and they offer a great way to support your community.  It is wonderful to see money raised to help clubs or organizations in your town when in need.

A few years ago you had to search far and near each month to find a good car show to attend, but now days its hard each weekend to decide which show or cruise-in you are going to go to.  Sometimes there are multiple shows to attend the same day…….can you say road trip?

So if you have a classic car or truck get it shined up and ready to hit the shows and if you don’t, grab the wife and kids, get out and take in the sights and sounds of your local car show scene.  Kids are so into video games these days, it will be a great change for them to get out and experience an up close look and sounds of an American V8 engine as it fires to life!  It is such a wonderful site to see a family at a car show with the little boy in tow with his dad and the mom pushing the baby stroller and everyone having a great time as they enjoy the classic cars and trucks at a local car show………are you making plans to attend one now?