Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Where have all the car shows gone?

The torrential rains in the Southeast have finally stopped and it’s time to get those cars shinned up and hit the show circuit. But I’m asking a question that seems odd…..where have all the shows gone? It appears the car show lists and online calendars don’t have as many events listed this year. During this time of the spring and early summer every weekend is full of multiple shows and cruise-in’s….most weekends you have so many to choose from its hard to decide which one to attend and the ones to skip. I feel like the hobby is stronger than ever, so I’m sure what may be the underlying factor for the fewer shows this year.
A popular trend these days is the basic “show & shine” that includes just a group of guys assembling in a parking lot or downtown area and showing theirs cars off and simply enjoying the company of other car guys. These events have no fees, no judging, no prizes or trophies…just all for fun. At least at these type events there is no sore losers or hard feelings over who won a trophy and who didn't!

Early morning “cars & coffee” type events are still gaining in popularity because of the same issue as the bigger shows, no trophies, no registration or fees, just guys getting together and enjoying a cup of coffee and a doughnut as they look at lots of classic and modern muscle cars and trucks.
New car show enthusiasts are born every year and there is always room for new fans. I recently heard a young lady saying that until she attended her first show this year she had never even cared anything about car shows. In fact she said she had often wondered what the big deal was and had never dreamed of going to one, but after she attended her first one, was blown away at the beautiful cars, but was pleasantly surprised by something completely unexpected. She kept talking about the music, the family friendly atmosphere, the vendors, and all the extra-curricular activity that goes with car shows these days. It was refreshing to hear someone excited and talking about the things that got her motivated to go to the next show instead of negative talk about all the stuff that’s not important.

I also attended a local monthly cruise-in where I met a young lady who was there showing off her highly modified Honda Civic that she did 90% of all the customization on it. After talking to her for almost 30 minutes, she introduces me to her husband’s and he’s showing off his matching car. They said it’s a great way for them to hang out and share in the hobby that is their passion!

The shows list may be smaller this year, but I've got my 10-12 shows picked out to attend this year and I plan to have just as much fun as I always do and maybe I’ll meet some new folks and check out their sweet rides!