Thursday, May 23, 2013

Car Forums.........are you hooked?

If you are “Old School” you might be asking what a car forum is, but if you are from the younger crowd, most likely you already know what they are and how addictive they can be! 
I’m not sure of the age or origin of the car forums, but they have become very popular among the tech savvy and car crazy groups and to be honest they can be extremely useful.  I imagine there are thousands of active forums on the internet dedicated to automotive endeavors, it does not matter if you are into Jeeps, VW’s, Mustangs, Trucks, or even vintage race cars, there is a forum for you out there.  Here is the crazy thing, not only is there a forum out there for you, but it’s full of other folks chatting and talking it up about the same stuff you love! 
I must admit that the first forum I got involved with ended up costing me a bunch of money……  Well, it ignited a spark that fueled my passion for the Ford Mustang and after hanging out on that particular forum, I began my quest to own one and approximately 3 Months later, I purchased my first new car and yes it was a Mustang.  As time rolls on you surf the multiple topics and threads (as they are called) and see hundreds of photos of folks just like you who have begun to upgrade and modify their rides and guess what happens………you get bit by the modifying bug.  Now don’t let this scare you away from the forums because another great fact about forums is most of them have some type of tech section where you can get help from people who can help you with issues (troubleshooting) that arise with your vehicle.  Best part is they have already “Been there, done that” and can advise you what your problem is and how to fix it.  Trust me the tech section of the various forums have already saved me many times and saved money in the process. (Note……this money saved can be put back into your upgrade account!)  And speaking of money, another great thing about these sites and the forum section, its free to sign up and get a username/password.  I use to just lurk on these sites, but quickly learned it was way more fun to register and get in on the small talk of my favorite subjects.
I wanted to share a few of my favorites (not in any order):  (this is the site that got me hooked) (this is the site in my area that keeps me informed of car shows/cruise-ins/etc…) I bet your local car guys have one…..find it! (recently found this site and the forum section is packed with ALL [Foreign and Domestic] car stuff!) Lots of Formula 1 and vintage racing stuff on here to! (This site is one of the best for custom/resto-mod stuff) (another great site for the custom/street machines)
I hope you get time to get involved in the forum scene and don’t just be a “lurker”……register and get involved (Warning…….it is addictive!!).