Monday, July 29, 2013

Old Flame

Think back and see if you can remember that special girl that you had a crush on……you chased her, dreamed of her, then one day you finally worked up the courage to take her out and the relationship began.  Then a strange transformation took place, your whole world revolved around her, she is all you thought about and you spent all your hard earned money on her.  Everything was working out great and you loved her so much, but as time went on your relationship grew farther apart and you didn’t seem to spend as much money on her and you began to see a few flaws in her and you even seemed to lose your desire to spend as much time with her.  Even if it lasted a long time, the relationship lost its spark and you sometimes found yourself looking around at other girls (note to self……this can lead to big trouble).

Okay, have you figured out that I’m not talking about a girl?  I’m talking about an old flame……your old car you used to have, she was your baby, but now somebody else is driving her??  You sold her, traded her, etc…….it doesn’t matter the reason, the fact is, she’s not yours anymore!  It’s a sad day after she is gone and you realize you wish you had her back.  I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

The O-Jays in 1978 had a song titled “Used to be my girl” and it had a few lyrics that will remind you of that old car you wish you had back!  I respect her, when she was mine, I used to neglect her, she wanted more than I could give……..And if I had the chance, I’d take her back, as a matter a fact, right away, like today…..She used to be my girl”. 

Yes, if we had the chance, many of us would love to take back our old car that was our pride and joy!  We would most likely treat her with more tender care this time.  Sometimes guys are able to track down their old rides and are able to restore them to the way they once were.  Maybe you would do things to it this time around that you did not have the time or funds to do when you owned her before.  Truth is that with the internet, car clubs, car forums, and databases, you may find that it is easier to find your old dream car.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get a second chance to own that “Old Flame”, make sure you treat her with more respect this time!