Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are you “Car Crazy”??

I’ve been called many names in my lifetime but most folks would say that I am “Car Crazy”!  Over the years I have found others out there who are like me and sometimes they don’t even know it.  If you are worried that you may have this disease, let me give you some of the major symptoms.  It usually starts with the eyes; you are always looking for a sweet ride everywhere you go……your eyes are drawn to any hot rod or custom vehicle with a shiny new paint job.  You seem to be able to spot car shows and local cruise-ins from almost any distance.  Your wife will usually be able to tell you are suffering from this disease even before you know you have it.

If your symptoms have gotten worse, then you may already be suffering from the next step in the progression of being Car Crazy.  You will begin to plan family outings or even weekend trips around where you secretly know there is a car show…….after you arrive at your destination, your wife says, “hey there sure are a lot of old classic cars and hot rods here in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge this weekend, are you sure the big car show is not this weekend?”  To which you say…..”I have no idea. That would be cool if it was”.  Another thing you begin to do is to ignore the family calendar of events and activities and then when your wife or girlfriend says, “don’t forget we have a wedding to go to this weekend”, you reply, “but honey you know I have been planning my trip with the guys at the big car show this weekend”……That one never ends well.

Okay, by now you can see how this disease can be very dangerous to your health, because after you have pulled a few of these stunts, you may need to be treated for knots on your head!  Now guys I’m not saying being car crazy is fatal, but let me suggest that if you think you are coming down with it and your symptoms are becoming easy to spot, then I have some friendly advice.  Try your best to see if you can give it to your wife or girlfriend because if you both have it then it makes living with this disease so much easier.  On another note, you can also try and let it rub off on your son or daughter at an early age and then your wife will be out numbered.
If you are car crazy then most likely you already know where the best shows in your area are, but if not, then search the car forums or local blogs that will put you in touch with other car crazy folks like you.  You can also locate a local car calendar that will keep you informed of the shows and cruise-in's close to you. 

Thanks, Joseph