Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have you been to a car show lately?

Have you ever turned on the radio and hear a song and it immediately takes you to a place in your mind, a place back in time?  Was it when you were young or maybe a special time with your family?  It’s a wonderful feeling and it usually makes you feel good inside as you reminisce of days gone by.  The old past time of taking a Sunday drive is dying fast, in fact I’m not sure younger kids these days even know what that’s all about.  I remember it and it was most always filled with fun times.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Life is a journey, not a destination” and that’s so true, it did not matter what our destination was, it was all about the journey getting there.  For some folks a vehicle is just a tool that gets them from point A to B, but for others, it’s much more than that.

Car shows and cruise-ins have been going on across America for years, but it seems the younger generation is becoming more active in this scene.  If you attend a car show or a cruise-in these days you might see an older guy with his 1957 Chevy parked next to a 19 year old in his 2010 Mustang GT.  Here is the funny thing; you will find them talking and sharing stories like they were old friends!!  You might ask, “About what??”  Well they will be talking about their cars and the life journey (however long or short) that has driven their passion for cars.  Once again it’s like that song that you hear, going to a car show transports you back in time to driving your first car or riding to town with your Dad in his old truck to get ice cream.  So load your family in the car and take them to a car show to share in the sights and sounds as you relive your younger days or explore some of those new hot rides.
A few years back Ford Motor Company had a slogan, “Have you driven a Ford, Lately?” and the reason they asked that question was to inspire you to test drive one of their new cars because they knew you’d be surprised how good it was, well, I’m asking this same question today…….Have you been to a car show lately? 

Thanks, Joseph