Monday, April 8, 2013

What is Cars and Coffee?

Just what is Cars and Coffee?

Cars and Coffee is just an informal gathering of people who are passionate about one thing………their cars!  Even though these events are popping up all over the country, the original history of this event takes you to the Crystal Cove shopping center near Newport Beach, CA.  The gathering of cars (both old and new……Classic and Exotic) got so big and began to draw such large crowds that they had to move it to a bigger location that could easily house everything.  The weekly event is now held in the town of Irvine, CA at the Ford/Mazda Center parking lot and has continued to grow into one of the biggest and most talked about car gatherings in Southern California.  These weekly meetings are held early Saturday mornings from 6am to 9am.  It’s a very informal event that is very laid back where everyone drives their rides into the parking lot, get out and just hang out as they chat while drinking their coffee.  Because this original event is held in Southern California they very often have celebrities who bring their cars out for folks to see and to be seen.  Jay Leno and Barry Meguiar are just a couple of guys who hang out for a couple of hours and take in the sights and sounds of this mega event.  If you live near here and you are an auto enthusiast you must check this event out soon!  Its a family friendly event that the wife and kids will enjoy, because there is something for everyone to enjoy.

This little event is spreading across the nation like wildfire and any Saturday morning across the country you can drive around and find these gatherings……they may begin small with just a few friends or car club members, but trust me before long they are growing into something big.  Get out and enjoy one of these “Cars and Coffee” events if you can find the time.  No fee’s……No Cost…….No memberships……Just hanging out and talking cars!!