Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dream Cruise!

Are we dreaming?
Our dreams usually take us to a place far away and can find us doing things we have never done before, and I’m betting that most you reading this story have never been to the place I’m going to tell you about.  Way up North near the town of Detroit Michigan is a gathering that has evolved into the world’s largest one-day automotive event.  It’s called the “Woodward Dream Cruise”.  This event attracts over a million people every year from around the world and needs to be on your bucket list if you have one.  The one day car cruise/car show stretches up and down Woodward Avenue (formally known as M1) for approximately 21 miles between Pontiac and Ferndale in Oakland. 

2002 Woodward Dream Cruise
Photo by Bill Pugliano / Getty Images News
History tells us that one section of this highway in 1909 was the first mile stretch in the world to be paved with concrete.  People from around the world gather each year to see some 40,000 cars, trucks, and bikes cruise up and down the strip.  All three of the big US automobile manufactures (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) come out in full force to promote and showcase their brands and sometimes release new products.  The crowds are treated to some of the most outrageous customs, classics, and modern muscle cars found anywhere.  Folks tailgate and party all along the streets and parking lots as it becomes one big event that is almost like a family cookout with vendors selling food, parts, and collectibles. 
This must see event takes place on the 3rd Saturday in August every year and has been running continuously sense 1995. So if you are not up for the long journey to Michigan just yet, then look for a local car show or cruise-in in your area.  It seems every year I meet somebody who has gone to this event and come back saying that its the best gathering they have ever been to!  I would be lying if I said I had not fantasized of going to the “Woodward Dream Cruise” for years, so I hope to make my dreams come true and attend this epic cruise-in very soon. (Maybe this year is the year I go)